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We Invest in Exceptional Education Businesses

Oasis is a private equity investment firm looking for outstanding Israeli education businesses across professional training, universities, private tutoring, and learning and development.

We are honored by the opportunity to help entrepreneurs scale businesses that change lives. Oasis is committed to maintaining your legacy through the long-term success of your business and employees.



We understand business owners’ concerns. We are committed to keeping every aspect of our discussions with sellers confidential.

Employee Focus

We are committed to building the best workplaces in the world where employees are treated as long-term

Quick Decisions

Your time is valuable, and we will respect it. We work hard to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and can make investment decisions very quickly.

Flexible Terms

Our structure allows us to be flexible. We will work in partnership with you on a structure and post-acquisition role that suits your desires.


Company Characteristics
  • Annual revenues of $4M-$15M
  • Consistently Profitable
  • High customer retention rates
  • Diverse and growing customer base
Focus Industries
  • Education and Professional Training
  • Businesses that Serve the Education Industry
  • Learning and Development
Owner Characteristics
  • Entrepreneurs who’ve built outstanding businesses
  • Seeking transition from daily management or looking to take a more focused role
  • Seeking liquidity and/or exit


Owners turn to Oasis because they care about who they partner with in a transition. Oasis’s capital comes from a small group of world-class entrepreneurs, executives and investors. We combine long-term capital with the wisdom and dedication of the group to support the business for the long term.

Lior Zichron – Managing Partner

Prior to founding Oasis Capital Israel, Lior spent his career building and scaling teams – in the private sector and in the Israeli Defense Forces across multiple software orgs and as an officer in a special combat unit.

As a Director at Enigma Technologies (a NY-based startup), Lior devised the product strategy and led his teams to develop a product that was adopted by some of United States’ largest banks.

Lior successfully led dozens of people over the past 10 years and takes pride in his teams’ achievements and personal growth. Lior trained cadets as part of Talpiot Program and as the commander of Moran’s officers course and coached Stanford MBA students as part of the university’s leadership development program.

Lior holds an MBA from Stanford’s Business School, MS in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, and BA in Math and Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as part of the Talpiot Program.

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